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Strong is The New Skinny

Jennifer Cohen’s latest book, Strong is The New Skinnyis out and Jennifer is at her best! With new workout techniques for every woman, from the stay-at-home mom to the single, fitness-minded working girl. Shooting with Jennifer for 3 straight days in order to get over 150 different workout poses was a true “labor of love”. Her energy is like no one else I’ve ever worked with, and her attention and dedication to detail was astounding. Check out some of the selected pics below, then go get yourself into shape! For a more in-depth look into some of Jenn’s exercises, check out this article that just posted or simply go onto and buy the book for yourself!strong-is-new-skinny-image-1-1 strong is the new skinny image 2-2 strong-is-new-skinny-image-2

Next-Gen Advisors Hit Century City

Back in June I was given the opportunity to shoot the cover story for Research Magazine’s July issue, “The Next-Gen Advisors Have Arrived”.  We shot in the lobby of Century City’s beautifully modern and spacious CAA building, just off of Avenue of the Stars. We had all-star cast of 4 of the brightest stars in the up and coming investment world: Dimitry Farberov, Marc Russell, Ashley Warne and Sean Muhlstein. With 4 final headshots, 3 final group shots and 3 hours shooting time, my 2-million-dollar insurance rider and the extensive location permits I pulled from the city totally paid off! And to top if off, we had a videographer shooting B-Roll video for the day, so you can expect to see a great “Jonah Light Photography in action” promo video coming soon…



Boston Marathon 2014

I was hired by NBC Universal Sports back in January to shoot the promotional campaign for the 2014 Boston Marathon. Funny how the event itself was to take place in Massaachusets, the event’s advertising firm is based out of Colorado, and they came to California to shoot the video and print campaign (to be edited in India and printed in China, I’d bet). Below are some shots of the campaign from billboards, buses, bus stops, banner ads, etc… Take a peek below at the retouching they did on the final image ad vs. the original and check out the last few shots of me shooting one of the other marathon frontrunners.


boston marathon ad

boston marathon ad 2

jonah light shooting another frontrunner


Style Is Confidence

A couple weeks ago I had a second opportunity to take promotional pictures for fashion tycoon Amir along with his daughter. Amir, who is Iranian born and a former fashion model, runs a boutique men’s clothing store in The Beverly Hills Hotel. Amir’s motto is “Style is Confidence” and his clientele often includes international royalty.

Both Amir and his daughter are extremely photogenic and were pleasure to take pictures with. Amir’s experience as a fashion model really made the gig a lot more fun and we quickly achieved the images we were aiming for. Below you can see shots from both of our shoots, as well as the billboards that he produced from them. 




Joseph Duran of United Capital Shoot for AdvisorOne

Joseph Duran is a super nice, smart and personable guy. Joe grew up in Zimbabwe and now lives in Newport Beach, CA. The AdvisorOne article in which Joe was featured,  discusses Joe’s investment management firm, United Capital, which Joe started just over 7 years ago, but already has over $15 billion in assets under advisement. Joe’s belief in success is that “in order to be successful, you need to believe in things that no one else believes to be true”.

Joe’s mission for United Capital is that it should be a company known for doing consistently reliable work- “as reliable as Starbucks coffee”- but the funny part is that Joe doesn’t even like to drink coffee! Here are a few of my favorite shots from our brief time together:



Shirah Wine Shoot: Insights Into Professional Retouching

I was recently asked to shoot some of Shirah Wine’s new products for their web site. Gabriel and Shimon Weiss, owners of Shirah Wine, were wonderful to work with and the shoot was really a lot of fun (and their specialty vintages were so delicious)!

As you can see below, the post-production of the shoot required quite a bit of retouching. The pictures below show a couple of images that I combined in Photoshop to produce the final image for each bottle.

While keeping my camera completely still on my Bogen tripod, I first shot an image with good detail in the bottle itself, than I exposed for good detailed in the label and the cork. I also took additional exposures for the background, and I also retouched out the various other reflections in the bottles. Finally, I combined all the images and smoothed it all out to look photo-realistic. What do you think?

If you want to order either of these great wines, please click on the images below, and it will take you to the corresponding Shira Wine product page. And if you need your products shot, make sure to give me a call!

BroDeux shira winepower to the people shirah wine

Mick Meagher Shoot for ABA Journal

Two months ago I drove down to San Diego to shoot some “edgy” pics of attorney Mick Meagher for an article that was going to be featured in that month’s upcoming edition of ABA magazine. The article is about lawyers who are fed up with the culture of bullying that is often found among attorneys in and out of the courtroom. It speaks about how these attorneys are trying to put a stop to this vicious cycle and how they are finally standing up for themselves and their clients.

On the way home I almost ran out of gas (something I haven’t done since high school) and I had to stop at Camp Pendleton and plea for the guards to let me onto their army base to fill my tank. True, I was only a civilian, and I should not have been allowed into their base, however they were nice enough to not force me to run dry and have to call a tow truck, with no other gas stations for another 20 miles.


Judging Talent For CMYK

Back in 2002, just after I graduated Art Center College of Design, I was hired by Alpine Stereo to shoot an ad campaign for them. Shortly after the Alpine shoot, I was contacted by CMYK, a San Francisco based magazine that focuses on showcasing emerging commercial artists. To my surprise, CMYK wanted to run a story on my right-out-of-school success with Alpine Stereo.

Last month (10 years later!) I was contacted by Curtis Clarkson, CMYK’s Editor-in-Chief, asking me to be a judge on a panel that would critique the work of other emerging photographers. You can see my critique in CMYK Magazine #54. My job was to view and judge over 100 commercial images, give advice to up-and-coming photographers on what to do (and not do) when creating images, and to share some insights on how to succeed in launching their careers as commercial photographers.

They also wrote up a pretty bio on me as well, which you can check out HERE.


Daniel Martell Shoot for ABA Journal

About a month ago I did a photo shoot for the ABA Journal, which is a legal magazine based out of Chicago, Illinois. The ABA Journal was publishing an article that featured Daniel Martell, a forensic neuropsychologist, who resides in Irvine, California. Even though Dr. Martell really rarely does work with Kaiser, it was the nearest hospital to his home, and made for an appropriate backdrop.

We were lucky that security at the hospital didn’t stop us from taking pictures around the exterior of the hospital, however as soon as we tried going in, our shoot was ended rather quickly. We then went back to his lake-front home and got a few more great images inside his home office. The colorful images of brain scans on his big computer monitor added alot to my pictures as well.






Peter Weintraub Shoot for Research Magazine

Last month I got a call to shoot Peter Weintraub for an article being published that month in Research Magazine, titled “The Crown of a Good Name“. He asked me to come out to his Beverlywood home. I really liked the fact that I was able to capture Peter in his natural element, both in his home and in his 1955 Austin Healey BN2. What a beautiful car…..

[eter weintraub for research magazine

peter-weintraub research magazine image 2

peter-weintraub bio for research mag

peter austin healey and home image